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[Conference] Fatimid Cosmopolitanism: History, Material Culture, Politics and Religion
This international conference aims to progress the field of Fatimid studies by examining their political, cultural, artistic, social, economic and intellectual interactions. The conference encourages participation from established, as well as early career, scholars specialising in the Fatimid lands of Bilād al-Shām, Egypt, Ifrīqiya, Sicily, and other areas across the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Indian Ocean. The objective is to promote a broader and deeper understanding of how the cosmopolitan Fatimid milieu contributed to intercultural dialogue as well as to imperial contestations, and therefore impacted the history, material culture, politics, and religions of the region through these nine panels:

I Fatimid Historiography and Mediaeval Narratives
II Fatimid Encounters with Contemporary Cultures
III The Fatimid Daʿwa and Dāʿīs – Part 1
IV The Fatimid Daʿwa and Dāʿīs – Part 2
V Fatimid Decorative Arts and Archaeological Material – Part 1
VI Fatimid Decorative Arts and Archaeological Material – Part 2
VII The Fatimid State and Statecraft
VIII Fatimid Architecture and the Ceremonial
IX The Fatimid Legacy

Cover Image: Plaque with Figural Scene, 11th-12th century (Fatimid), ivory (elephant tusk). Image courtesy of the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Accession no: 71.562, used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

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