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Mu'tazilism and the Qur'an Conference
Recent years have witnessed the publication of new material that were not available before for scholars. These new publications have enriched our sources about the early Islamic theological debates. The new sources have refocused our interest in the influence of Mu`tazlism, one of the earliest Islamic schools, and the legacy it left behind. The Mu`tazilite school had a major and determinative effect on the trajectory on various aspects of Islamic intellectual currents.

The current conference is interested in the influence of Mu`tazilism on all the aspects of the Qur’an, its status, interpretation, and relationship to the Prophet. We are interested in Mu`tazilite thought and the influence it left in Islamic theology in other schools.

This conference has brought together a group of scholars who are interested in the legacy of Mu`tazilism and its influence.

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Jul 22, 2022 09:30 AM in London

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